About Theo Massop

Theo Massop

Bio and Background

Theo Massop brings a special kind of rhythm and groove, rolling with a dash of reggae and rock with roots that run deep. An alternative to the usual fare of musical mediocrity, music and lyrics that moves your body and stirs your soul. Born from an approach to making music you can understand, Theo Massop draws from the styles of acts such as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle. Theo further shakes up this musical approach with flavours of reggae, blues, folk, country and straight ahead rock, all performed without pretension and from the heart. High energy, emotionally charged performances presented in stripped down accessible grooves intent on making your feet move and your mind ponder. Adult alternative music to satisfy your soul with righteous rhythms and mindful musings.

A west coast Canadian singer songwriter whose musical journey has taken him from church choirs to dance halls, night clubs, festivals and concert venues. His previous album "Voyager" gained him three charting singles in Canada, critical acclaim and international radio play. Theo’s other albums include “Choices” released in 2006 and “The Answer” with his band BoodAbooM in 2012. Both enjoyed extensive air play and praise. Songs from Theo's releases have been aired on CBC and community radio across Canada, as well as charting on various radio shows here and in western Europe in the alt-country genre.

Tom Harrison of the Vancouver Province newspaper said, "Massop is an able folk/pop writer. His songs have a contemporary polish and a measure of sophistication. He writes homilies with a rock edge whose wisdom occasionally hits the ground like a hundred pound rail." Brian Hazelbower, CHLY radio programmer said, "There are ten solid rockin' tunes on Theo's CD 'Choices' and they all have something to say. I have dubbed it, thinkin' man's music." Rick Salt, manager and chief engineer at Blue Truck Hotel studio said, "Theo's CD 'Choices' is one of the finest projects to come from this studio. Great songs and great performances." Michael Baginski, reviewer for The Entertainer magazine said, "Massop's strengths lie in intelligent lyrics, catchy mid-tempo songs and ballads." In the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper, John Hogbin wrote, "Massop has a pleasing voice and he takes the trouble to let the listener understand what he's singing."

Booking and Contact Information

Whether you are listening to Theo as a soloist or with accompaniment, you will be presented with a musical performance that will seem like a memorable trip to a foreign land. Tales and reflections of travel, as well as observations are mirrored in songs about love, life, laughter, happiness and sorrow. Theo presents songs that explore human nature and spirituality, often posing as many questions as they offer possibilities. Beyond the lyrics you will find solid rockin' rhythms and heart touching ballads. Drawing from a lifetime of eclectic musical influences, with a large and varied repertoire, holding an audience is not a challenge for Theo and the many years of performing shine through.

Regardless if it is a festival, a dinner show, a house concert, solo or with a band, you will experience a professionally presented show combining original music with current and classic hits to amaze you.

For booking recording services or performances and availability information:
call 250-591-3980 or email theo.musicman@gmail.com